Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Blogger Hop #9: Oct 22-24th

Book Blogger HopThis is a weekly PARTY hosted by Jen at Crazy For Books. It's a chance to discover new blogs and to garner new readers for your blog as well. 

This Week's Question:
"Where is your favorite place to read?"
What a great Question! I have a leather couch in my drawing room where I read a lot - it is in front of the TV and hence, next to my husband! :)

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This week's site news:
Review of Mairelon the Magician
Ebook Readers and Paper Book Fans
If you would like to try out ebooks - here are some FREE ones to start with:
Download Three Free Ebooks 

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  1. Oh, how I want a room that I can even call a drawing room. I need a larger house!

  2. Do you read while the TV is on? That would drive me nuts.

  3. oooh drawing room sounds so fancy - I love it!! I used to sit by my hubby while I read but he'd get to talking and I'd get into watching the TV so while I still do every now and then, I mainly read in my bedroom.

    With reading while I'm on the treadmill - I don't run because I'm seriously uncoordinated and also where I go they have these plastic book holders that hook onto the machine. I slide the book in (now my Kindle), turn on the machine and hold on for dear life while I walk. I usually do that for about an hour and I love it!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  4. @Trina - I don't know what you call it, but I guess the room could also be called a sitting room, or our front room, or something? It is sort of the central room in the house :)

    @Alice - I really have a tough time focusing on the book, yes. It really is hard!!!

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hopping by to return the favour & will be following (congrats, I'm proud to be #200!). I would find it hard to read with the TV on, too, especially if a fave show is on :oD

  6. Your cozy spot sounds really good...thanks for visiting my cozy blog! LOL

    Yes, I do collect dolls (and bears), but haven't bought anything new in awhile. They are already pushing me out of the house as it is....

  7. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I usually read on the couch next to the hubby too and of course he has the tv on. It does get a bit distracting sometimes and while I'm writing this I just looked up and saw a really scary scene, ag! I hate scary movies.
    Anyhoo, have a wonderful weekend and happy reading!

  8. Your couch sounds comfy! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. Hi there!

    I'm returning the Hop visit. I like how much you have about e-books!

  10. I generally live in military housing so no drawing room for me! Thanks for hopping by my blog!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just hopping by to return the favor. Will be following.

  12. @TheBookishSnob - Haha, I really do get distracted with the TV on. I guess my primary reading time would be during my commute and before I sleep.

    @Teacher/Learner - Glad to follow you back!
    @Crystal - Oh man, scary movies really freak me out. Bad nightmares et al
    @Christin - Thanks :)

    @Rob - That is Great - I hope you share your views on ebooks, this blog is really interactive.

    @Kim - Military housing, so you must move a lot!

    @Jennifer - Following you too...what a cute blog.

  13. Ooohhh leather couch - sounds heavenly!

    Thanks for hopping by Fiction Folio :)

  14. Hi, I'm a bit late. I'm hoping over from Hope your having a great weekend. Great blog x


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